Forum showing blank page on Desktop due to Cloudflare "optimizations"

Ever since this morning my forum has only been showing a blank page on desktops, while being fine on mobile.

On loading the site the console logs the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'startRouting' of undefined
    at i.startRouting (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:2859)
    at i.didBecomeReady (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:3842)
    at invoke (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:337)
    at a.flush (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:405)
    at u.flush (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:529)
    at p.end (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:599)
    at _ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:1165

So far I’ve tried to restart, rebuild, disable all plugins and rebuild again, revert to stable (instead of beta) and rebuild again, and removing the tmp folder inside of Discourse (as per Master branch giving blank page for dev), and then rebuild again.

None of this seems to have helped however.

Are you sure you disabled all third party plugins?

Did you route all content through CloudFlare, which tries to “optimize” your JavaScript? This often breaks Discourse which is a JavaScript app.

I am sure I disabled all plugins, save for Docker Manager. I do route it through CloudFlare, and have been for some time. I’ll see about disabling performance optimizing for the forums in CloudFlare.

Looks like Cloudflare regressed here again and is actively breaking Discourse.


Yep, that solves the issue, particularly this setting:

Forum started working again after I turned it off and purged the cache.

It is possible that this is a side effect of our Ember upgrade. Maybe Cloudflare has trouble with the new binary format of templates or something along those lines.

Someone should report this again to Cloudflare :slight_smile:

I contacted CloudFlare and they responded to me, so hopefully they will get this resolved soon.


I’ve never had much luck in general with rocketloader on any platforms. Unless one goes to the trouble to excluding specific scripts. Cloudflare is great a great and easy way to do other optimizations (minification, ssl + http2, gzip etc) but rocketloader has caused more headaches for me whether its wordpress, socialengine or something else.


Hi @Deukhoofd; I work for Cloudflare and we’re currently investigating this issue. We’re trying to reproduce your error but we seem to be running into some trouble. Is there any chance you could either send me your site URL or a .har file which reproduces this JS error to junadeATcloudflareDOTcom?

This information will really help us get to the bottom of this.


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Hi @IcyApril we had this problem with @CobaltSparkz and @Curtis_Lassam too.

Hi @Falco; we’ve just managed to reproduce this ourselves on Discourse 1.8.0.beta2, our team are now looking into what’s caused this.


We’ve been able to identify the bug which came as a result of an edge-case from a recent change. A fix has been found and was deployed early this morning.

I have tested this and the issue appears resolved; however please let me know if you’re still encountering any bugs.


Thank you very much for being so responsive :+1:


This bug has been reported recently on my side. @IcyApril did you have positive feedback after your fix?

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@IcyApril - Just a heads up if you’re still with Cloudflare. Rocket Loader seems to cause this issue for mobile (blank white page), but desktop is fine.

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