Blank plugins page in the admin directory

Before encountering this issue I installed Pavilion’s Subcription Client Plugin and did a rebuild.

My instance is now on 2.9.0.beta9 (754ad42344). Comparing 754ad4234493fa3af84517e8f1ed99a88ffd3171…27bff3fcfa3d56125b360170b34729ecc9973a6f · discourse/discourse · GitHub

All plugins that I’ve installed:

Any clues about what happened?

Anything in the browser console?

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Oh yes, here it is.

The FetchEvent for "" resulted in a network error response: the promise was rejected.
       Uncaught (in promise) no-response: no-response :: [{"url":""}]
    at a.makeRequest (
makeRequest @ NetworkFirst.mjs:167
       GET net::ERR_FAILED
       Uncaught Error: There is no route named adminPlugins.houseAds
    at j.handlersFor (route-recognizer.js:697:1)
    at L.applyToState (router_js.js:1179:1)
    at a.applyIntent (router_js.js:2216:1)
    at j (router.js:1408:1)
    at e._prepareQueryParams (router.js:886:1)
    at s.normalizeQueryParams (routing.js:53:1)
    at s._generateURL (routing.js:61:1)
    at s.generateURL (routing.js:71:1)
    at e.<anonymous> (index.js:3575:1)
    at index.js:1993:1
    at e.untrack (validator.js:851:1)
    at Se.get (index.js:1992:1)
    at e.r [as href] (index.js:1074:1)
    at xe (index.js:1450:1)
    at reference.js:222:1
    at reference.js:170:1
    at e.track (validator.js:835:1)
    at f (reference.js:169:1)
    at Je (runtime.js:3492:1)
    at Ye.flush (runtime.js:3445:1)
    at Object.evaluate (runtime.js:2726:1)
    at Object.evaluate (runtime.js:1312:1)
    at Dt.evaluateSyscall (runtime.js:5232:1)
    at Dt.evaluateInner (runtime.js:5188:1)
    at Dt.evaluateOuter (runtime.js:5180:1)
    at (runtime.js:6191:1)
    at Wt._execute (runtime.js:6175:1)
    at Wt.execute (runtime.js:6166:1)
    at Bt.handleException (runtime.js:5369:1)
    at Kt.handleException (runtime.js:5605:1)
    at Lt.throw (runtime.js:5302:1)
    at qe.evaluate (runtime.js:2580:1)
    at Lt._execute (runtime.js:5285:1)
    at Lt.execute (runtime.js:5266:1)
    at Ht.rerender (runtime.js:5634:1)
    at Er.render (index.js:7578:1)
    at index.js:7896:1
    at It (runtime.js:5074:1)
    at Rr._renderRoots (index.js:7876:1)
    at Rr._renderRootsTransaction (index.js:7928:1)
    at Rr._revalidate (index.js:7970:1)
    at invoke (backburner.js:351:1)
    at p.flush (backburner.js:241:1)
    at h.flush (backburner.js:447:1)
    at B._end (backburner.js:999:1)
    at B.end (backburner.js:729:1)
    at B._run (backburner.js:1054:1)
    at (backburner.js:773:1)
    at d (index.js:119:1)
    at u.success (ajax.js:120:1)
    at l (jquery.js:3500:1)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:3630:1)
    at E (jquery.js:9796:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (jquery.js:10057:1)

And I noticed that there’s no error when I visit this page with Chrome on desktop or Safari on iOS, I’m seeing blank page when using Microsoft Edge.

It’s time to turn off your ad blocker, it triggers on the name of the ad plugin.


Didn’t know that ad blockers can even do this… Thank you! Now it’s all fine.

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