Blocked watched words in chat

for a ‘bad’ word defined in “watched words - block”.

  • when create a topic or post a reply, it will have a warning telling
    “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t post the word ‘bad-word’; it’s not allowed.”
    this UX is good.

  • while in chat, it pops up an error msg, but all the typed words are gone, it does not give a chance to modify, when the message is long, this is annoying for users…
    possible to have the same experience as in post ?



I’ve had this issue/bug/problem too. It’s weird that Discourse is behaving like that. Chats aren’t recognized the same way that posts are, however, blocked words shouldn’t completely delete the input, simply prevent it.

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Thanks for pointing this out! I agree that we should give members the opportunity to correct their chat messages to remove watched words.

We’ll work on updating how we handle watched words in chat to behave more like topics. I don’t have an ETA to share at the moment, but we’ll follow up once we’ve addressed this.