Boing boing rendering improperly due to Privacy Badger plugin?

I think maybe one of my extensions is causing BoingBoing to not render? If I open the BBS in Firefox, where I have it in it’s own container + multiple privacy extensions, it doesn’t load.

Opening in private browsing (where only ublock and noscript are enabled) renders fine.

I took a screenshot of all the extensions I have, open to suggestions on tweaks.

[Edit: it was privacy badger]

Really odd it just randomly started doing that, I haven’t tweaked my browser settings recently

Could have been an extension update or a Discourse update that clashes with an extension… if you disable each extension one-by-one and refresh the page you can find the specific culprit.

If you right click and select inspect element, do you see any errors in the console tab?

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TY for your reply.

yes, there are errors:

tbh i have a bad migraine but will try to toggle one by one when i have more spoons and if i find the culprit will post what i found.

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Looks like you are failing to properly download assets like

What do you see when you try to open the above link? You should see some JS code.

It… 404s? (Loading in this private window seems fine)

So one of your extensions is blocking this domain at the DNS level. I’d guess it’s “Privacy Badger”, as it has done this many times before: Discourse CDNs are blocked by privacy badger


Thank you. I think we’re on the right track since I see the discourse JS in NoScript (and previously had it marked as trusted)

But still renders blank, and get similar errors:

If you go to the Network tab in the DevTools it may show the reason it is blocked on the “Transferred” column.

Thanks, seems to transfer nothing, going to try restarting firefox:

Edit: with privacy badger turned off + a firefox restart seems to have fixed the issue

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