Plagued by a Blank Screen with CloudFlare "optimizations"

This morning, my Discourse install just stopped rendering properly.

I took some pictures, but of course Discourse will not let me post them, because I’m a new user and I could be abusing the system. So instead I’ll post them on imgur:

I tried in in a few different browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Edge…

ember_jquery is throwing an TypeError: e is undefined error, which makes me think that some required file is not being loaded properly, but when I check the network window, nothing appears to be 404ing

I tried updating and rebooting Discourse, to no avail.
I emptied my Cloudflare cache.

I’m… not sure where to keep debugging from here.

I have a feeling this is the same issue as

Which was resolved by doing

Also, I believe Cloudflare has been notified of this hiccup.

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Yep. That solved it. Thank you!

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