Bold/Italic Words Being Put On Separate Line

So, I have some emphasized and bold words. However, when I put them on a line, it’s kind of like this:

blah blah blah blah blah
the bold text is on a separate line for some reason
i didn’t make it like this i swear (this is an example so it will look scripted)
AHH even the italicized text too

As you can see from that example, the bold and italicized text got put onto a separate line. However, the example also shows that the separate line thing wasn’t intentional, which does happen. Also, it doesn’t even show up in the preview or raw versions.

It’s not harmful, just annoying to have to deal with.

Before you reply:

Looking at the raw for that post, it looks like you did put them on separate lines?

No, the examples on the post were meant to be that way on purpose. Sometimes, the bold and italic words are put on separate lines without being that way [intentionally].

Could you provide an example of where they’re unintentionally on different lines?




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I’ve never seen that happen before, does that occur in safe mode? (no-themes should be all you need there, though trying the others as well can’t hurt)

It doesn’t, but it’s not like I’ll be spending all my time in safe mode just to avoid this thing.

If it doesn’t occur in safe mode, it’s likely a theme error, what theme are you using? (Might be a theme component if it’s not the theme itself)

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By theme, do you mean like dark, solarized dark, WCAG dark, etc? Also, don’t ask why I only listed dark mode themes (light mode burns my eyes).

No, those are color schemes, the theme selector should be above them (given the site you’re on has more than one selectable theme)

I don’t know because the forum I saw this on doesn’t have more than one selectable theme. In fact, I didn’t actually know about themes before you explained it to me.

Hmm. Could you check in inspect for a CSS rule that might be formatting the italics/bold that way?

Is the forum public? Can you share a link to that forum?

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I have no idea how CSS works (I’m not an expert at coding, so I barely have a purpose here).

Personally, I’m not great at CSS either, I’d just check the rules on the main post, and then on the italics and bold for a difference.

The public forum thing shouldn’t be an issue because the only happens sometimes and I don’t think anyone else that tried to help me in that forum knew what I was talking about [because it never occurred to them].