Bookmarked Posts are Corrupted After Updating

I was trying to access my bookmarked posts only to find it not loading properly

So instead, I searched for the post via the search bar, only to find out that the posts that I have bookmarked cannot be accessed and will give me this error message

If the thread has more than 9 or 10 posts, the thread will open without a problem, however once I reach 9 posts before the post I bookmarked, the rest of the posts in the thread will not load.


This issue still persists even with safe-mode enabled.

I’m not a site administrator, so I most probably don’t have the necessary debug information.

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I think it has already been reported here:


I see, thanks for the heads up!


No worries, mate! :blush:

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Closed in favor of Spurious permissions error after deleting last bookmark