Boost solved search results in search

You can set a specific category to have higher/lower priority in search results using the Search Priority setting. I was hoping for a similar one that’d apply for solved posts, so that they’d be shown first.

I may be missing it somewhere, but if not this would be a great setting for the solved plugin :slight_smile:


This feature does not exist yet, but I can see it being a useful knob for the search engine.

We are working on improving search at the moment and will see if we can add something here!


Made some progress here but first I needed to fix a bug where a topic’s solved status is not being displayed in full page search results.


@Mark_Walkom I started looking into this and was wondering what would be the most useful to you. Do you want solved posts to rank first or do you want to apply a certain weight to solved posts so that they will rank higher?

There are tradeoffs to both approaches and I was wondering what is the end result you’ll like to achieve on your forum before I can properly consider both tradeoffs.


My though was more towards a weighted approach, as you can already filter directly on solved.

Can we potentially have a checkbox to enable the weight and a configurable weighting number, that’d default to a reasonable number (even if it’s 0)?

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