Bootstrap CSS overriding default style

I am creating a custom banner that advises users how to use our forum. The built in banner feature is not powerful enough to do what I need (buttons, image rotation etc) so I am simply injecting custom items into #banner-content.

It works fine if I import bootstrap manually via CDN however doing so completely throws off all styling on the rest of the site. If I leave it out I can’t use rows or scaffolding.

Is bootstrap already included or am I missing something?!?!

Discourse isn’t built on top of Bootstrap, and Bootstrap assumes that it will own everything on the page. That means that you can’t really bring Bootstrap in without throwing Discourse off.

You’ll need to build it all with plain CSS or scope your styles.

Alternatively, you could look at hosting your information content elsewhere, and then bring it in via an iframe – this would allow you to use whatever frameworks and libraries and what-not you want. It would, however, also mean that you’d have to give the banner a fixed size.


Your alternate ended up being exactly what I did. Super easy that way.