Broken UI with CloudFlare after first installation with Docker

(Ayman) #1

after installation using the documentation of Docker , Discourse is working fine but the UI is broken as the following Screenshot :

any Idea why this happened ??

(cpradio) #2

By chance, are you behind Cloudflare? If you disable it, does it work?

(Ayman) #3

I’m behind cloudflare , yes and another layer (HAProxy) , I disabled the cloudflare , and cleared the DNS and the cache , but still the same

(Ayman) #4

Sorry an Update , Yes , it’s Working now , Thanks a lot . so What was the problem ??? the minify ?

(Diego Barreiro) #5

Already solved here:

(Ayman) #6

WOW Guys , You are the best

Thank youuu

(cpradio) #7

In short, someone recently broke with Cloudflare, I’m not 100% sure what/how, and the permanent fix above shouldn’t be necessary, but it will get you operational for now until Cloudflare can analyze it.

(Régis Hanol) #8