Browser Notifications for flags and likes

What I mean by that is browser notifications. I have browser notifications enabled on my laptop, but right now when somebody likes a post or flags a post I dont get a notification.

This is extremely frustrating because when I’m doing something else and automod flags an innocent post, I dont get any sort of warning like I should.

Likes is personally less of a priority, but I really want to be notified about new flags when I’m active so I can review it instantly. That would greatly improve my experience while moderating

Another example is just now, when I got motivated to write this request. I got a ollowing notification because another moderator happened to check flags and approved a topic while I was sitting at my computer.
I should have gotten a little notification there telling me that there’s something I can review and moderate, not wait for somebody else to take care of it and then get a following notification because the post was approved.

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I do support allowing push notifications for flags, likes I would recommend skipping for now, very limited if any value.

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