Moving topics with votes to non-voting category doesn't release votes

It appears that when a topic with votes is moved to another category, where voting is not enabled, the votes are not being returned to the owners. Is this a bug or an intended behaviour?

Additionally, there are edge cases where closing a topic doesn’t automatically return the votes to the user.

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I’ve just tested this on my local development site and can confirm that votes are not being returned to the user when a topic is moved to a category that does not allow for votes. This doesn’t seem ideal to me, but I’m not sure if it’s the intended behaviour or not. The only alternative I can think of is that if a topic is moved to a category that does not allow voting, all votes should be removed from the topic. There would be potential issues with this approach as well.

If you know of any specific ways of reproducing the edge cases, let us know. I can look into this some more next week.


I’m also needing to release votes after moving a topic to a non-voting category. As it is, moving a topic with votes to a non-voting category risks destroying the voting system imo because the larger a database the more difficult/tedious it would be for moderators to manually ensure users don’t “lose” voting power. If 10 votes were allowed, and two topics I voted on got moved to a non-voting category without releasing their votes, I’d lose 20% of my global voting power.

Like what issues?

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The first one that came to mind was that if a topic was mistakenly recategorized (say by a TL3 user) all votes would be lost when it was put back to the correct category.

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I think best practice for now would be:

  • Make sure to close a topic before moving it to a category without the plugin.