Bug: Can't vote on Chrome mobile browser


  • Be using the Google Chrome Mobile version & OS combination below (or maybe others).
  • Be using the most recent version (0.4) of the feature voting plugin.
  • Navigate or link to a topic that has feature voting enabled.
  • Click the “Vote” button/box under the current vote count.

Expected Behavior:
The vote count increments by one.

Actual Behavior:
The icons of previous voters is toggled on and off when you tap the button. No votes are logged.

Browser Info:


Hmm… I can sort of repro, but you can’t click on the Number of Votes to vote. You have to click on the button, which has a very small hit box on Mobile.

When I tried for the button, I kept hitting the Title, I had to move up just slightly to be able to cast a vote.

It might be ideal for on Mobile to shift the button from below, to the right of the votes. As that is already eating up a lot of space where it is at now.


Yeah, I think you’re right. Any lower and I was hitting the title link which reloads the page. So far haven’t been able to hit the target on my phone.

+1 for shifting the button to the right, or some other innovative UI design that we haven’t considered yet.

I have the same experience. I can hit it no problem in landscape but can’t in portrait.

Sure @tgxworld can you take this one?

Probably something like this?


Confirmed these changes work well for my clumsy fingers … looks great! Thanks @tgxworld & team.