Bug embedding twitch content on multisite

When oneboxing a link to a Twitch video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/xxxxx the content refuses to load, both in Firefox and Chrome. I can reproduce this on CDCK hosting.

Reason is that it uses the hostname for the multisite master instead of the hostname for the forum.


Is that only for Twitch vods ?

As far as I can see, yes.

The Twitch onebox is the only one using #{options[:hostname]} as well.
Can’t find where that is being set.

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I have created a pull request to fix this issue Fix Twitch onebox multisite issue by communiteq · Pull Request #21299 · discourse/discourse · GitHub
(Backport to stable would be appreciated :wink: )

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@flink91 merged your PR, @RGJ, this is looking good now? Good to mark the bug report as resolved now?


Yes, works like a charm! Thanks!