Bug or Feature? Discourse exposes the admin private email to the public

I Installed Discourse with my personal email account, as i’m sure a lot of people did. I wasn’t aware that Discourse exposes this email to the not-logged-in publicly. Looking at Discourse installation in the login page, i simply check the page source to see the emails. For example:

https://discuss.pytorch.org/ -> soumith@pytorch.org


https://meta.discourse.org/ -> team@discourse.org


I would like to have the option to not disclose my email in plain sight. However, if that is impossible for some reason, at the very least I think people should be aware of that and choose so dedicated email account for setting up Discourse.

I now realize that it could be easily changed in settings!

However, I still believe it shouldn’t expose the email by default… or perhaps ask for the admin preference in the installation process


You can change the contact email in Settings -> Required to whatever you like post-installation. That is the one exposed in the HTML.


@gerald, Even after changing your contact email, you still have to login with the email used when you created your admin account.