What determines the default email contact in TOS?

I noticed in my Discourse-generated TOS, the contact email given is admin@[example.com], where [example.com] is the domain of my Discourse install.

What is that default email is based on? I can’t seem to find a setting in Admin.

And for an install that is receiving mail directly, is Discourse’s mail-receiver equipped to receive emails addressed to anything other than the ones specified for topic replies and topic posts (if enabled)?

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I think that email comes from the yaml file when you installed Discourse. You can change it by editing the TOS page.

The other email setting you might need to adjust is contact email under the Required settings in admin. That shows up on the /about page.


It is the contact email in your admin settings.


Ah ok, that makes sense. I initially installed using an email address that I later changed in the settings.

Re the contact email in the Required settings: since that seems to be primarily for Discourse-generated emails, I’m using an external email address, which I don’t want to make public to users.

A great solution would be if I could add a custom incoming email address to the admins group, but it looks like that’s not possible with default groups, only groups I create. Any idea why? Do I have to set up a custom admins group in order to receive email within the app for this purpose?

Edit: Maybe I’ve made a wrong assumption. If my Discourse is at forum.example.com—and I am not using an external smtp service for incoming mail—can I set the contact email in admin to admin@forum.example.com?

Edit 2: Just tested that, and the answer is no. The response is Email::Receiver::BadDestinationAddress

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Ok, it looks like one solution is a custom group with admins as members, with a custom incoming email address assigned.

It would be simpler if the default groups could be given custom incoming email addresses, though.