Bug when sharing post from WP Admin?

Hi guys installed the WP Discourse and when sharing some posts from the admin this happens

(this is the post i shared DEAL: Fox FX Explorer Barrow + Camolite Barrow Bag + 2x Mesh Bags + 2x Bag straps - Carp Talk )

This is how it looks here

When I click on Show Full Post it’s showing the text from my footer

Is this a bug?

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It’s not a bug. When the “Show Full Post” button is clicked, Discourse attempts to find the post content from its URL. You can tell Discourse what content is the main post content by configuring the Discourse embed whitelist selector site setting.

Details about the setting are here: How to configure the embed whitelist selector setting. Since you have a WordPress site, there is a good chance that the example setting in the topic’s “Finding the CSS selectors to target” section will work for you. When testing this, remember that the post data that’s pulled from WordPress is cached for 10 minutes, so you may have to wait up to 10 minutes to see if your setting is correctly configured.


Ahh ok, i just assumed it was a bug as it works on some posts, here is a post it works on

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When the embed whitelist selector site setting is not configured you will often get the correct post content pulled to Discourse. It depends on the content of the embedded post. For example, I create a lot of test posts with the content “This is a test, this is only a test.” Discourse is not able to retrieve that post content from my WordPress site unless I configure the setting. If I create a longer post, Discourse finds the correct content when the embed whitelist selector setting is not configured.


Thanks Simon, will look into this now :slight_smile:

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