WP Discourse publishing entire post

My install of WP Discourse seems to insist on publishing the entire post to Discourse instead of my post excerpt. Any idea why? Here’s the setting in WP Discourse:

The result is a post like this on the forum that has this button to show the full text.


What I would like to do is post the excerpt and then link back to my main site for the full article.

Something like this, for example: https://community.cleaningtheglass.com/t/is-the-magic-real/964

Seems like turning off this setting fixes the problem. A bit counterintuitive, but maybe I’m missing something.


It says that right here in the text, though…


Yeah it does, but when I first read that it seemed to refer to the fact that the ‘Show Full Post’ still displays even if you import the whole post. So it is a bit two-fold.

Agree that this is very confusing. I was about to post another topic asking the same question until I found this one.

@codinghorror - that tip in WordPress just tells us it will hide the button… it doesn’t tell us that the text will still be truncated. I read it about 10 times and still couldn’t figure this out on my own.

Unticking Discourse’s “Truncate the embedded posts.” box implies that truncation is disabled altogether. Whereas it seems that this box doesn’t actually enable/disable truncation at all, it just determines if the “Show Full Post…” button is shown.

As it stands, this is what the “Truncate the embedded posts.” checkbox in Discourse actually does:

  • TICKED “Truncate the embedded posts.” = truncates the text, and shows the “Show Full Post…” button
  • UNTICKED “Truncate the embedded posts.” = still truncates the text, but doesn’t show the “Show Full Post…” button

Doesn’t really make any sense. Truncation is done in both cases. The setting should really be called something like:

  • On truncated posts, show the “Show Full Post…” button?

If this checkbox does different things depending on whether you’re integrating with WordPress, there should probably be two separate checkbox settings for each. i.e.

  1. Truncate posts?
  2. On truncated posts, show the “Show Full Post…” button?

Alternatively, these options might be better combined into one dropdown with three options:

  1. Never truncate posts - full text is always shown immediately
  2. Truncate posts and show the “Show Full Post…” button to expand inline on the Discourse page
  3. Truncate posts and do not show the “Show Full Post…” button. User must visit the original website to view the full post.

Also, until the settings in Discourse are cleared up. On the tip in WordPress…

Note: to keep the ‘Show Full Post’ button from appearing under your post on Discourse, you must unselect the ‘embed truncate’ setting on Discourse.

May I suggest some more clear wording, such as:

Note: to prevent the ‘Show Full Post’ button from appearing under your post on Discourse, you must unselect the ‘embed truncate’ setting on Discourse. The post will still be truncated on Discourse, and the user must visit your WordPress website to see the full post.

Thanks. Appreciate all your work.