Bug with Discourse chat silencing

I don’t know if this is my forum issue but I noticed that when I silence someone in the chat, they can still talk unless they refresh the page, then they are muted.

Tested this with an alt account too it does that.

This is a pretty serious bug because right now I’m suspending/unsuspending to log them out. So they can’t talk.


Thanks for the report, I’ve just reproduced this and will let our team know.

When a user is silenced, they may continue chatting in that channel until the page refreshes. After a refresh the input box is inaccessible.

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 16-37-10 Chat - Discourse Meta


Oh wow I found 2 bugs in 2 days :grimacing:

I would love to help you guys with fixing, but I’ve been trying to look at the codebase and I don’t understand it fully yet, but I am trying.

Again enjoy your weekend, this is not a really huge deal for me, as for us we don’t get much incidents where we have to silence people. Just wanted to let you guys know, since this seemed pretty serious.



Also there’s this issue:

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Would forced logout be quick fix?

Hi, any progress on this? Thanks for all your work.

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We are rethinking this feature in the context of chat

In the mean time just suspend people abusing the system, it works perfectly and abusers will learn quickly


Yes, that’s what I am doing currently, thanks!


@joffreyjaffeux made an improvement for this issue here:

There are some things we can improve further here in the UI, but this should make it so that silencing a user will immediately prevent them from sending additional messages.