How to unsilence a user who innocently tried to copy & paste and got silenced

Very grateful that Discourse shoots down spam. No human community can exist with bots littering everything.

However, when a new user innocently copy & pasted her post, it appears that our “sysadmin” silenced her automatically. (Screenshot: 2019-01-08_1837)

When I check her “Silence” status, she doesn’t appear to be silenced.

Yet this user has received several replies to her post and not responded in a few weeks. How do I unsilence her (if she is silenced)?

You can do it from her admin user profile. Enter her profile and click the Admin button on top right

and then check the Permissions section:


Thank you, @Dax. So her profile says “Silenced? No”.

Yet I got this message next to her post:
@system silenced this account until December 25, 3018. Reason: New user typed too fast”

Which is correct though?
Her profile in admin that says not silenced, or the message above that appears on her post with a memo icon :memo: next to her username and says she’s been silenced?

Someone unsilenced that user. So you’re seeing a log of past events.

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Oh, I see. Thanks Jeff.