Bulk Invitations need a confirmation dialog


(Joshua Frank) #1

This is probably not a bug as such, but a very troublesome feature. I was trying to Bulk Invite From File, and got a nasty shock when I uploaded the file and it immediately sent the email to 30 people. I guess I assumed there would be a step where it shows that the file uploaded and then offered a button to actually do the send. So I uploaded the file–intending just to familiarize myself with the process–and embarrassed myself by sending invitations before a key piece was ready. I had to send a manual followup explaining the glitch.

I really think that Bulk Invite button needs a confirmation or other speed bump, because the consequences are fairly drastic.


I can see how this would be embarrassing. You are right, not a bug (but you got throttled unexpectedly).

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Sure @techapj when you get back, can you add a dialog that shows the count, e.g.

You’re about to email invites to {n} people.

Go ahead cancel

(Joshua Frank) #4

I think that will be much better! Thanks.

(Sam Saffron) #5

OK Adding a #pr-welcome on this, it would be an improvement in quality of life and easily can be added by the community.