Bulk invite csv not working

Hi! I have been trying to click on the bulk invite CSV recently and every time I click on “Choose file”, no pop-up prompts me to upload my CSV and I’m unable to go past the click flow. I have previously uploaded CSVs through the same process and it has worked correctly. I wanted to check if this might have anything to do with file restriction uploads that we recently implemented on the posting side. I double checked our settings for bulk invite and the enable bulk invite csv option is still toggled on. Let me know if you have advice on troubleshooting!

Is there anything in your /logs can you try a very simple CSV as well? Anything in the console?

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Hi Sam! I troubleshooted with my team and apparently it was related to a file upload issue that persisted for Google Chrome, not specific to Discourse: Chromium

Thank you for the help, I was able to fix once I restarted my browser!

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