Bump topics for whispers on staff topic lists

Showing/bumping topics when whispers happen in them would be pretty helpful for keeping track of whispered conversations as opposed to just using notifications.


This is kind of the opposite of what the feature is intended for.


I thought they were intended for private staff discussions within public topics? If you’re not pinged atm you don’t know the discussion is even happening unless you get lucky and click on the topic.

Yes, unfortunately the technical side of making topics “bump” up the list for a subset of users is pretty tricky. At the moment we only have one record of ‘bumped timestamp’ per topic, and so it must be the same for all users. It might happen eventually, but for now whispers do not make a topic bump up the ‘latest’ list.

However, they will make a topic appear “unread” for staff, if they are tracking the topic. And they will trigger notifications/emails as normal.


Yeah, I’ve just made it a habit to @ mention my fellow moderators/staff when I want their attention to a whispered post. Bumping the topic for moderators/staff would be great.

Unread seems sufficient, so I am unclear why anything else is necessary.

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I wrote a plugin to achieve this and we’re currently testing it out. We believe it will suit our workflow:

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