Whispering to non-moderators?

I like the new whisper feature, but I was wondering if it could be enhanced so that you can whisper to non moderators if you mention or quote them.

Currently I don’t get a warning like when mentioning someone within a category they don’t have access to, but they don’t get notified anyway.

Why would I like this?
Let’s say someone mentions the @moderators to ask whether the topic should be moved or whatever. Now I could send them a PM reply and the other moderators will see that I did so, but won’t see what I said. I could invite all moderators to the PM, but then they’d all get notified even if they are not watching/tracking the original topic. Now if I’d just whisper a reply to the user all interested moderators will see what I said, without taking the topic off-topic for others.

For asking a topic move, people use flag > Something Else.


I’m not confident that I fully understand the use case, but my take is that it is for post level read permissions within a topic.

IMHO, tangential discussion would be best in a PM.
If that discussion needs Moderator participation, the Flag “something else” will work.
I imagine that most Moderators getting a Notification about a topic they are not Watching and have nothing to contribute to the Flag message would not find the Notification for it to be that much of a problem.

On the other hand, a post stream within a topic that displays differently for different users is prone to presenting a confusing fragmented reading experience.

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There was a similar discussion about this not long ago. In short, it’s very difficult to do this in a way that is 100% airtight, so it’s a large amount of work for a very niche feature.

This is where I don’t quite follow. They can see the link to the PM, so “what I said” is just a click away. Is that really a problem?


Got it. :slight_smile:
I just thought if it was an easy implementation it would be nice to have, but since it’s not feel free to close the topic.

If I click on the “one person sent a PM to this user” link I only see a “you don’t have access to this” page. I assume that is normal for mods and only admins can see PMs they are not part of? But no it’s not a big problem. If I really want to know I could just ask them to invite me to the PM.