Whispers and assigns break /unread count in tracked topics

If a staff user is tracking a topic and another staff user whispers or assigns the topic, the topic will be counted in the Unread count displayed next to unread in the breadcrumbs. However, clicking Unread the topic will not be displayed and the count will be lowered.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Staff user A tracks a topic Z.
  2. Staff user B created a whisper at the end of topic Z.
    Staff user B assigns topic Z.
  3. Staff user A sees their Unread count increase by 1.
  4. Staff user A clicks on Unread and sees the unread count decrease. Topic Z is not in the list.
  5. Staff user A returns to Latest, unread count increases again by 1.

This does not persist though, does it? If you refresh it will be correct?

It persists, going to look next week


Pretty sure @tgxworld just fixed this :wink: