Can a tag from a tag group be renamed?

Pretty much what says. I’m on 1.9.4 stable. I defined a tag group and added a few tags but made a typo in one tag, then the tag got used many times on posts.

I can’t find a GUI way to rename a tag - is there? I obviously don’t want delete it and recreate it as the posts using it would also lose the tag.

If the GUI doesn’t have such feature, then:

  • any pitfall if I dig into the Ruby console to do it?
  • could this be added to the GUI in the future?
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Just go to that tag an click the pencil symbol in the top right corner to rename the tag.
You may then need to go to the tag group and remove the “old” tag and add the “new” one - I haven’t tested this.

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Ha, that worked! I kept hunting for edit options in the admin panel and tag group management page …

Also, no need to delete/add anything in the tag group after renaming – it’s done there as well.

Many thanks, Paula!