Can categories be viewed by others who don't have the access authority?

I really like the discourse system. So I made a small discourse forum only for my own use. And it has only one user (Me) and forbiddens any viewing without an account. I write my personal notes there so I’m really don’t want others to read.

Also I have some hidden categories that only the moderator can view (That’s only me).

But when I see the basics about the discourse system, I found there are a few anonymous viewing and some unlogged in viewing. Is is right? Will my secrets be revealed?

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Put your browser into incognito mode (or equivalent) and you should be able to see what an anonymous user sees.


Did you require login and disable new account creation?

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yes, I had. Only by invitation and requires login to read anything.

I tried not logging in, can only see the logo of the forum.

Isn’t that what you wanted?

Perhaps you want to make a normal user account. It will see only the categories that it has permission to read.

Hi, yes that is what I wanted. I don’t want any one read my own discourse as a notebook of mine.

But Why I see

The anonymous view is

I’m wondering why there is anonymous viewers?

When someone hits your Login page (yourself probably) it counts as one anon pageview.