Can discourse do this? Putting users into groups, mass messaging those users?

Sorry if this is basic, but I’m considering using Discourse as a platform to manage my group of 1-2000 users. Can Discourse do the following:

  1. Place individuals into “user groups” or roles that would have permission to private categories. i.e. Tech support staff gets access to Tech support group, but no one else does.

  2. Can the administrators of private groups send Direct Messages/PM to people in that group? i.e. Administrator send all members of the Tech support group a heads up that a system is down.

  3. Finally, I know that the wordpress plugin can create new Discourse users. But can it go the other way, where Discourse can create Wordpress users?

Thanks so much. Sorry if this is the wrong category.

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Yes, you can make a group (private perhaps) then when you make a category, you can change security settings so only your group can create/reply/see

Again, yes they can. Anyone can. Just go to the group and press message.

(Not sure about your last question. I will add pictures later.)

Hope this helps you.


Yes, the Discourse WordPress plugin can be configured to use Discourse as a login provider for WordPress. When this is done, clicking the “Login with Discourse” link will create a WordPress account for a Discourse user.


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