Forum for a group of customers, separated by product

Hello all,

Apologies if this has been mentioned before. This is my first time experiencing Discourse so I’m still pretty new to navigating to older topics.

The company I work for provides software to customers all over the country. We’re interested in setting up a simple forum where users can share their thoughts and ideas about the software.

I believe Discourse may be the exact thing I’m looking for, however what is crucial for us is that we can assign users to specific user groups. For example, I would like users of Software A to only see posts for Software A, and users of Software B to only see posts of Software B (I hope you can get where I’m coming from).

Is this something that is possible with Discourse? I’m yet to have a play around with the admin side of it to see what’s possible and what’s not.



Yes users can be assigned to groups and then groups assigned to read write certain categories


As mentioned above, you can definitely do that with Discourse. In its most basic form you can assign users to groups, and then create categories that only specific groups can access.

Beyond that there are some additional group features that may be useful for your use case:

  • Assign group owners (who can invite/remove users from a group without being a site admin)
  • Allow @mentions to notify an entire group
  • Send PMs to a group
  • Automatically assign someone to a group based on email domain
  • Add custom flair to specific groups
  • Allow incoming email to a group (or category)

Perfect, this sounds like exactly what I’m looking for!

I might be back on here once I’ve got it installed. Thanks for your help.