Can I apply tags to categories and group them by tags


I do have searched if there is already a similar question, but maybe I did not use the right keywords.

I have several categories, let’s say as an example

  • News
  • Support
  • Development

inside these there are some language sub-categories

  • News
    – Annunci (it)
    – Noticias (es)
    – …
  • Support
    – Supporto (it)
    – …

I’d like to have a possibility to gather language subcategories in some single URL, so I thought about a tag, for instance Italiano, and when you click on it you see

  • Annunci (it)
  • Supporto (it)
  • … (it)

But if there is a way to do it, I don’t find it. Please can you help me there?


No, there’s not a feature that will show all subcategories containing a specific tag.

Are you expecting lots of cross-language discussion in these categories? If not you could possibly reverse the structure and lead with the language first…

  • Italiano

    • Annunci
    • Supporto
  • Espanol

    • Noticias