Categories vs tags: is this even possible?

hi everyone,

I’m new to Discourse, but find it visually appealing. I’d like to create a travel oriented forum, that looks like this on the homepage:

-country X
-country Y
-country Z

-air travel

-for sale
-home exchanges

Now my question is: how should I set up categories and tags? I would like posts to cross categories. For example, if a user is only interested in motorcycle discussions, he’d go directly to motorcycle. But in there, he should also see for sale posts concernings motorcycles. The same would apply to countries, if the motorcycle is for sale in country X, it would appear in those 3 categories, so if someone is only interested in country X, he’d see it too.

Is this possible somehow? I’d guess it’s all about tags, as I read the difference between categories and tags in the blog. But how can you display only links to tags on the homepage? Should I use only one category?

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You should check Set up structured tagging with tag groups and category tag restrictions. I think it answers your question.

Thanks, I had a look at that page, and I now understand how to force tags on new posts and restrict them to groups.
But from what I could read, it’s not possible a post crosses 2 categories?

In that case, I’d need to make a totally custom homepage I suppose (if that’s even possible)? Just using multiple tags filters.

Has anyone made such a thing?

I won’t say it is impossible, but it won’t be easy. I’m looking into it myself at the moment.

Hello and welcome @daniel88 :slight_smile:

Posts would be grouped into topics, and topics can only be in one category (though can have multiple tags attached).

I always find it difficult to imagine structure without some mock-ups or a practical example to help me visualise it. :slight_smile: Have you got something you’re working on at the minute you can share to give us a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve?


Same here.
When I migrated my forums to Discourse, I had to re-organize many of my categories, and I used a shared Google doc with my team to set this up on paper and decide what would be the best.


Me too, I am more a visual guy than a literary buff :wink:

So here you go (it’s in french, but you get the idea):

I think I have it down to 4-5 categories and then the rest should be tags. In fact, here it’s wrong: the Destinations category has sub-categories (Afrique, Amérique, Europe…) which should be tags really.

But how do you display categories and some selected group tags on the homepage? Is it possible or is this some special case for which I’d need to make a specific template/theme?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help!