How can one user block another user?

I recently had a needlessly negative interaction with another user of this site. I would like to avoid this in the future.

Is it possible for me as a user to block another user here in Discourse Meta? By “block” I mean prevent seeing their content and prevent them seeing my content?

If so, how please? If not, I would please ask this thread to change from a support request to a feature request.

Thank you.

You can’t block someone from seeing your posts (if you did, they could just log out to see them anyway), but you can ignore their content by visiting their profile and selecting the ignore option here:

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 8.02.48 PM

This will prevent you from being notified about this person and will hide their posts.

Also, if you’re having a problem with someone on Meta for any reason, feel free to send a message to anyone on the Team if you think it’s something we can help with (admins are listed on About - Discourse Meta).


Thanks for your quick reply. I see no dropdown below the “Message” button on the user’s “” page.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 17.08.49

Hmmm, is it possible that this person is an admin or a moderator? you wouldn’t be able to ignore them in that case.

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