Can I disable the "topic similar to" pop-up entirely?

I recently set up Discourse and although the other users are enjoying it, I’m getting a lot of complaints about the “Your topic is similar to…” popup. I understand that you can just hit “x” to close, but can it be disabled entirely for now? Perhaps it will work better as there are more topics, etc, but for now it is completely irrelevant and a point of frustration for the other users. I’d like to disable it for now and try later when folks have settled in. Thanks in advance for your help!

You could try setting minimum topics similar to a (very) high number.


I believe that setting is for the topics listed at the bottom of a thread. I am talking about the popup that comes up as you’re typing in the editor. :wink:

Did you try it and it didn’t work? (Did you reload the site after changing the setting?)

Just did. No luck. Thank you though!

Very strange. I just did, too, and it works for me…

how high of a number did you use? just curious, lol

A lot. Maybe it was 50000?

This works for me

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That worked after all! Thanks guys!!


Be careful with absurdly large numbers as they can cause integer overflows.

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No issues so far (it’s been ~a year) but I appreciate the heads up. :slight_smile:
What would you recommend in this instance?

Something like 99,999,999 should suffice, really… more 9s isn’t adding more awesome :wink:


any ideas why i can’t see ‘min body similar length’ settings

edit: i don’t think it’s my excess of tabs causing that specific issues. others, for sure.

The min body similar length Site Setting doesn’t exist any more. There is a max similar results setting that can be used to accomplish the same thing. To prevent the ‘topic similar to’ popup from showing, set max similar results to 0.


Thank you @simon

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