Can I include website analytics in trust data?

Good morning everybody!

Our company is trying to embed a community for early adopters into our shop. As I’ve loved Discourse with some blogs already, I first looked here for the features.

Everything is well, but one of our core features will be SuperUsers. I first thought about the trust system helping, but does it also include website data, or only Forum data?

We’d like to include points of data into the leveling system like:

  • Amount of Orders
  • Rated Products on Website
  • Filled Questionnaires

We can link this data to registered accounts, and the shop account should be the same as used in the forum. Is this possible? Sadly, I didn’t find much on the Discourse website.

Thanks everybody!

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Hello William,

This should be possible, but would most likely require something custom. I can’t speak to what it would be, my technical-fu isn’t up to par on that.

This would depend on the shop software and how its authentication works or what the authentication is based on. OAuth? OpenID? Once you figured that out, then using the appropriate authentication settings/integration (either from the ones I linked to or you search for others), then this should be possible.

I hope this gives you some primer to get started with.


Hey Osioke,

thanks for your help! I’ll talk to our devs about it. Glad to hear it’s theoretically possible :slight_smile:

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