Can I install discourse on this unmanaged vps? If yes how to?

Hey, can i install discourse on VPS Hosting Configuration : Custom VPS Hosting this hosting.

If yes how to? and which os to choose while buying vps?

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You need this link: Discourse official Standard Installation

There are many providers of VPS. Consider Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Scaleway too.

Checkout discussions in #hosting

Yes You could install discourse to a2hosting if You try to but my experience trying out their services is that their systems go down very often and it takes them days to restore your service.


but i only have payment method of paytm. I do not have credit or debit cards so i choose a2hosting because they are cheap and support paytm payment.


Im trying to install discourse on a unmanaged VPS from a2hosting, but run into a error said I have no permission to create swap file, said swapon: /swapfile: swapon failed: Operation not permitted

How do you get pass this error?

Are you installing as root user?

It sounds like your don’t have a full vm (but maybe you just failed to become root). So you’ll need to get a different product from them or use something like digital ocean.

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Ya I check the container it seems to be openVZ/LXC and they didn’t support change swappiness. Just leave a DP if anyone want to try A2hosting unmanaged VPS.

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