Can I use as smtp user name for

I successfully install discourse but was not getting e-mails I tried some fixes but they didn’t work my SMTP is correctly configured and verified

I also tried this
./launcher enter app
rails r “SiteSetting.notification_email = ‘’”

Can I use as SMTP user name for

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I also tried test email but didn’t work.

You could use anything as long as your smtp server is authenticated to send emails through that account and Discourse has correct notification email set.

What SMTP are you using?


I am using Elastic Email @itsbhanusharma

Please don’t tag my username. I do get notifications when you reply.

If you’re using elastic email, which domain have you verified at their side? Have you checked their logs to confirm if email is being sent?


I am really sorry.

I have verified
here are the logs.

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It says 9 delivered and 1 bounced.
Have you checked your spam folder?

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Got it thank you so much

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If it’s landing in spam, it’s likely that your domain isn’t verified properly. You must check what’s failing.