Can members ignore an entire category?

My site has a ‘politics’ category. Some of my forums members don’t want to see any “suggested topics” from politics (new topics are created there often). Changing “politics” to an invite-only category (for example, limiting access to members of a group) is not a good solution since then it’s hidden. But I do need a way for existing members to (a) opt out of seeing any of the current topics (without having to mute every one of them by hand) and (b) not see any new topics in this category.

Is this possible?

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You could enable Admin - Settings - Basic Setup - limit suggested to category’ and add the category to Admin - Settings - User Preferences - default categories muted to achieve this.



the users can go to that specific category and mute it like so:

Or go to their preferences -> categories and have a shuffle around there.


Thanks guys!! Don’t know how I overlooked that. Much appreciated.


Glad it’s solved Eric :slight_smile:


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