Can more than one post be selected as the solution?

Is it possible to allow more than 1 post to be selected as a solution?

For example, OP requests solutions for local and remote backup on Linux. One user replies with a local option, and another user replies with the best remote solution. Can both posts be checked as solutions?

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I deleted my post because I posted this under the wrong plugin. Unless this is the same plugin. When I clicked the plugin link from Discourse that’s where it took me.

I’m not sure I’m following? This is the topic for the Solved plugin, which is the the one that allows the ability to accept solutions on topics. The link in your previous post ( is the general instructions on how to install plugins.

If you have a specific question about a plugin, the best place to ask is either on that plugin’s topic, or (if it’s an official one) in a support topic with the plugin’s tag (eg solved) :+1:

But to answer the question :slight_smile: , you can currently only have one answer accepted as a solution for each topic.


Ahh thanks. Sorry I was on mobile and didn’t read it through. But yeah earlier I was trying to select 2 solutions since both were Indeed valid solutions. So thought I would ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

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