Ability to mark multiple correct solutions to a topic

What is the best way to handle a topic where there are multiple, valid solutions, and no one is more correct than the other—they’re all valid solutions? It would be great if a topic could be marked with multiple solutions.

I see there were older conversations about this, but wondered if the strategy or philosophy has changed since then:

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If you’re mod or TL4, and can make a few extra topics, you can split the posts out that should be solutions to new topics (Need 1 post in them first) mark, and split back. That’s tedious though, so it’s definitely a workaround.

The best solution to this I’ve seen is for the OP to summarize and quote the important bits of the various answering posts into a single post, and mark that as the solution.


I’ve seen and come up with many ideas for workarounds, but they’re always just that—workarounds.

It’d be nice of the application could recognize they a question or discussion could Grady have more than one solution, and account for that.

That’s the hope with this feature request.


Closed in favour of Can multiple replies be marked as the solution?