Can not change logo on latest build

Version: 40183080d9

When trying to change any logo, I get the following error:

undefined method `calculate_dominant_color!' for #

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Seems related to the placeholder changes @david


@MarcP I’m not able to reproduce this error on my site. Can you confirm exactly which buttons you’re pressing in the admin UI? Also, can you share the entire error message, plus the content of the ‘backtrace’ tab.

Settings > Search: “Logo” > Drag or upload a logo to any logo type (tried multiple) > popup with the error above.

For this error, somehow there is nothing in backtrace.

However, I see some errors, related to hotlinked images in posts but unrelated to the actions I did when uploading:

Most recent log is AM time, while I’m in PM time now.

The error message is very strange - I can’t see how that would happen in a regular Discourse installation. The version hash you quoted is from before the calculate_dominant_color! feature was introduced.

I suspect you either have a partially-applied update, or there is some third-party plugin installed which is modifying the code.

Could you try updating to the latest version? And if that doesn’t work, could you share a list of your plugins here?


After doing a rebuild (I did the previous update last night with UI) - it seems to be working as it should again.

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