Logo upload is not working in wizard or site settings

I hate to be that guy, but I’m completely lost. I found this topic by searching for how to change my logo. I had already gone to /admin/site_settings/category/required and changed the image in there. I just clicked the image button and it allowed me to choose a new file to upload, and saved it. I thought I was done. But no amount of refreshing/clearing caches seemed to make any difference.

So I come here, and I find that I guess I need to run the wizard to change my logo? But in spite of updating the site yesterday, I don’t see any link to the wizard on that page. So I click into the commit linked above and do a search for “wizard” and find the URL. It kicks me straight into the logo settings pages of the wizard. So I’m thinking, “Perfect!” I change the logo in the wizard, complete the wizard, and… nothing. Same old logo.

Am I missing something?

(edited to add, that right from the beginning I changed both the “logo” and “logo small,” so it’s not an issue of just the wrong one being loaded)

There have been some changes to the logo settings in the last couple of days. Can you check that you are on the absolute latest version of discourse by going to /admin/upgrade?


First of all, not surprisingly, running the upgrade made the new logo finally show up.

Further testing shows that:

  1. There is still no mention of a “wizard” on that settings page.
  2. At the end of the wizard, it says, “If you ever feel like changing these settings, re-run this wizard any time , or visit your admin section [which is linked to /admin]; find it next to the wrench icon in the site menu.” However, there is not mention of a “wizard” on the /admin page either.
  3. It is still impossible to actually change the logo from the settings page, even though it definitely lets you try and implies that you’ve done it. It allows you to select a new file from your local computer and click the green checkmark. However, with the latest update, refreshing the page changes that setting field back to the previous logo.
  4. Running the wizard still does not change the logo for me.

Glad to hear the logo is now appearing, but it sounds like there’s still something going wrong here. I’ve pulled these posts into a new topic so we can track it better.

We’ve reproduced this problem on one of our sites, and will let you know when we have a fix.


Great. In the meantime, I want to make another change to my logos. lol.

How can I force it to “take” since I don’t have any more updates to run?

In my local testing after uploading a new logo there appeared to be no change. However, approximately 2 hours later the logo did update. So perhaps try waiting an hour or two? Other than that, you’ll need to wait until we have a fix prepared.

Sadly, you just have unfortunate timing with upgrading your site - we’re still working out the bugs in the new logo site setting system. I’ll be updating the linked topic once the feature is complete.


Thanks for reporting this @jtbayly. There were two bugs here, one was due to a per-process cache for upload site settings that wasn’t being cleared properly and another was due to the fallback to logo_url when logo is blank. The bugs have been fixed in FIX: Clear uploads cache on `SiteSetting.refresh!`. · discourse/discourse@0ac5126 · GitHub and FIX: Job to clean up old URL settings when new setting has been set. · discourse/discourse@9e86b42 · GitHub respectively.


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