Can not sent email on user sign up!

Hi everyone,

I installed Discourse on GCP by using bitnami on makert application.
Discourse version is : 2.8.5
I configured SMTP on /opt/bitnami/discourse/config/discourse.conf with setting as below

smtp_address = ''
smtp_port = 2525
smtp_domain = ''
smtp_user_name = 'apiname_on_sendgrid'
smtp_password = 'apikey_on_sendgrid'
smtp_enable_start_tls = true
smtp_authentication = 'plain'

I able to sent email with admin login Emails > Test
It’s succeed to sent and received the email.
But I tried to register with new user but I didn’t get any email to active the user account

I saw some job in the retries queue of sidekiq with following error.

Did anyone get same issue as above ?


HI all,

I resolved the problem since there is a zoombie process on sidekiq so that process didn’t work properly.


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