Abnormally high pageviews in reporting

Noticed that our page views are very high (almost 800) and there’s no way it should be getting anywhere close to this. A more realistic count would be 100-200 as we refresh pages and are doing general setup. Also worth noting that the community is set to private, so the “Logged in users” should be fairly low. Taking that into considering and the fact that we only stood up the community this past Monday.

Anyone know why this might be? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

You can get insights in your Google Analytics aswell, if you set that up.

But it’s not strange to get a lot more pageviews on a launch day. Users will click around and check out the new forum, especially when you pre-posted a lot of topics for them to browse through.

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Check the crawler reports on your admin dashboard.

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Thanks for the reply!

@MarcP We haven’t setup GA yet, but it’s on our list. Also, the community is currently 100% private as we are developing the look and feel more prior to it being accessible to even a small group. Only ones that are able to click around and check it out are <20 people, and only <10 are even using it more than once per day.

@codinghorror I did and the numbers are pretty low. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

Well, then you know it’s not crawlers at least.

Right, just seems strange that it’s so high when only a handful of people have access. Going to continue to investigate and hopefully I can sort it out. Thank you for the help!

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