Can staff be able to see real author of anonymous posts

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I am using discourse for a school, and students like to give teachers anonymous feedback without being scared that teachers will know who it is, and dislike them, however the principal needs to be able to see someone if they make an inappropriate post.

Hmm, I thought that a link to the main account should be exposed under “Show Email” but it isn’t.

Does not compute.

I think that anonymous shoud at least try to be anonymous, if not you should out a big red warning saying otherwise.

In my case the information would never go to the teachers, just to the appropriate administrators.

I believe you, and I know its easy to find the real anonymous throug nginx logs, but if the Discourse itself make it easy the student needs to be warned. And the warning alone will make you loose a lot of valuable feedback, making all the feature useless.

Yeah I see your point. I guess if it’s a real issue, I could just look at IPs.

You can run a query with data explorer to see it if you need to.