Can’t edit title of deleted topic

Hi - wondering if something broke with latest beta 2.5.0.beta2 update?
It seems I can no longer edit the title of an existing posted thread.

Am almost certain this worked before.

Wanting to change title to something more informative.

Is this a known issue?

Unless you can repro it here or on then it is likely a local config issue.

I can’t reproduce it here, or even with other threads on my own forum.

What local configuration issue would cause this behavior?
To further confuse the issue (or perhaps explain it), the thread I was attempting to re title has now apparently disappeared

Was it deleted by a staff member?

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I am the only staff member so far - I believe I had deleted the first message in the thread (which had nothing interesting in it - was just a test message from me), hoping to use a user’s reply (which was relevant and addressed a more interesting topic, and had a bit of a follow on exchange) as the first message. I guess that was my mistake. Should have pruned and grafted those messages to a new topic rather than trying to change the existing

While the message I selected was marked with pink for deletion, the title was not altered, and neither were any messages below, so I had no visual feedback suggesting whole thread was about to disappear - though in hindsight I guess it makes a certain kind of sense that it would.

Where should any suggestions on that be directed? I think feedback (and data safety) here would be significantly improved if all impacted messages and title were highlighted.

Ah yes, deleting the first post in a topic will delete the topic proper.