Triple-clicking last parapgraph doesn't toggle "Quote" button

Triple-clicking the last (or only) paragraph in a post does not toggle the “Quote” button, at least for me in Chrome 57.0.2987.133.

It looks like this has been fixed previously, but may have resurfaced.

…so you probably can’t triple-click this text to quote it in a new reply.


You’re right, it’s relating to Chrome. With Firefox there’s no problem, triple click works very well.


Same on Chrome in ChromeOS:

Version 57.0.2987.148 (64-bit)
Plattform 9202.66.0 (Official Build) stable-channel falco
Firmware Google_Falco.4389.92.0

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I think this is only the last paragraph, I believe @zogstrip worked on making this more robust in the past, looks like there is an edge case.

I think @tgxworld removed/changed my fix. I don’t recall why though :expressionless:

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Which commit was it? I definitely did not remove it intentionally.

I think it was this one

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Ah that commit was fixing the quote button appearing when highlighting the “like” count text. I’ll have a look.

When triple-clicking the last paragraph, the selection spans over the .cooked div and starts selecting content from the .post-menu-area section.

This is why I added these lines

It’s the most reliable way I could find. There’s one thing I didn’t try: adding a .quotable div inside the .cooked div and ensure only that div is selectable.

But another fresh pair of :eyes: won’t hurt :wink:


Yea I’ll have to look through the code path again since it has been awhile.


Fixed in


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