Can the revert button be moved to the left of the revision dialog?

When you open the revision history of a post a button is shown on the bottom right labelled “Revert to this revision”. It is shown under the later revision on the right, but it actually refers to the older revision on the left.

It would be less confusing if it were moved to the left side. Is that possible?


An easy workaround would be to change the button text to Revert to last revision


That’s clearer if you’re looking at the current and second-last revision, but the button does work for older revisions too.

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This totally gets me every time. I never know which of the two revisions on display it is reverting to when I select that button. I’d even advocate for putting a box around the text and the button it to make it impossible to misunderstand.

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I hear you, but I feel this is an expert mode option and experts should be able to figure out what “this” means in the context of what is being displayed. There’s also no room for it on the left.

Maybe just change revert to this revision to revert to revision 4? I use this all the time and still struggle with it every time. I can live with it but it would be nice to have full clarity on which of the two revisions will be reverted to.


Oh, I like that idea :+1: it is excellent

I’ve added the #starter-task tag to this topic!


Maybe the revision numbers could be shown above each revision as well. It’s redundant with the numbers at the bottom left, but it’s a small change to make things really clear.

Also, when you add a tag (for example, check the top of this post) why is the “tags changed: → starter-task” shown on the left and not the right?

Also #2, the body columns aren’t aligned with their titles in raw mode.

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I’ve created a MR for addressing the label improvement: UX: Improve revert label in post history modal by Sanmoo · Pull Request #10038 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


It was merged. Does this issue still require some work?

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I guess if this looks complete we can close it @jomaxro?

Thank you @Samuel_Carvalho_Sant!

Looks good to me. We didn’t handle the OP itself (moving the revert button left), but the button text is much clearer and should ideally resolve the concern.