Can themes include logos?

I’m working on theming a new site. I was thinking that I could include logos (e.g., logo url, logo small url and so on) as part of the theme and then link to those in SystemSettings, but that seems to be wrong.

Am I missing something? Do we still have to upload all of the images into Assets for Site design? If so, that means that it’s not yet possible to completely separate theming from posts. What I’d like to do is be able to get all of the theme stuff straight on one site and then install that on another instance where the data has been imported.

It’s a bit hacky, but you can ‘override’ the logo using CSS:


Just encountered this need.

This should be easier.

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Almost 3 years later, we have a much better solution :smiley: .

Edit: another few years later, superseded by Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching