Can Trust Levels Be Componentized (vs Encapsulating)?

In our community we are leveraging user “trust levels” so that select categories are only visible to that trust level. High trust levels (say level 3) encapsulates lower trust levels (higher trust than level 2 for example). I believe this is how every community is set up.

Our question/goal: to have categories that can isolate to a particular trust group but not another without encapsulation (basically segregate each group).

Our situation.:
Our community is comprised of a membership where high trust level members are privy to a category with financial information but lower level members are not (they have not sign an NDA yet). There are other categories that require a separate agreement where lower level members have signed but financial access members have not).

An easy way is to have buckets of trust but they are not necessary subsets of another.

I hope my first question makes sense. p.s. we are loving Discourse, it is hands down the best platform we have ever used.

Create a group for each of those levels and those who sign the nda. Do not use trust levels.


Thank you Jay! I now realize that user groups were set up the way I was expecting but we relied on the default trust level grouping mechanism.

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