Make Category visible only for Levels under 3

Hide Category for trusted level 3 but stay visible for trusted level 0,1,2

How can I achieve this? I have tried a few things now but the problem is Level 3 is automatically added to the groups, trust_level_0, trust_level_1, trust_level_2, trust_level_3

Any ideas? Thanks you!

There is no logical way of doing it since anyone who is a TL3 is automatically a member of TL0, TL1 & TL2…

One possible manual (and non-intuitive) way can be to add all the TL0, 1 & 2 to a separate group and then allow that group for category but that has a lot of problems. first being that people may attain TL3 after being part of that group and then they have to be manually removed by a group owner or admin.


Sad that there is no way to do this because there are a lot of use cases for this, hope they bring this in an update.

I’m interested in understanding what kind of use-case you’re looking at?


It’s every time the same with these guys using discourse as pure forum and not understanding that it is also an great marketing platform for collecting email and more! And every-time the same question, use-case? There are use-cases people with bigger Horizont have more ideas!

The use-case would be for example an Category only for lower levels to explain how to become level 3, but users already in level 3 don’t need to see this anymore.

That is a very poor use case and I personally don’t find it convincing enough for anyone to propose such a change.

I’d rather just make a good, informative topic about the process and pin it so that everyone sees it. then the TL3 (if they don’t want to see it) can simply just un-pin it and the topic won’t bother them.


Makes no sense and it is to much work. but thank you for anyway.

Trust me on this, creating one, good topic is a lot less of work
(and for that sake, unpinning a single topic as well)

compared to creating a group, setting it up so that people are added and removed automatically and then documenting the whole process there.

I don’t know about you but for me, the latter is a lot of work.

Why you think all Membership/User Level based systems out there have the option
“Only visible for level…” Why should’t discourse have the same?

You could make said “How-To” a wiki and not only expose it to TL3 and above but give TL3 and above the rights to edit the Wiki, thereby leveraging their expertise to help the less experienced users by improving the guide(s).

Just an idea.


Those are exactly the kind of solutions that need to be deployed in an environment like discourse. I really like this idea for a totally different use case.
I still don’t understand how hiding a category from TL3/TL4 can cause any obvious advantage that I’m unable to get here.

simple answer I can give you, UX

That still doesn’t make sense. How does it make UX better?

Sure it makes UX better, lvl3 users don’t need to see every day this category that has nothing that an lvl3 user could interest and it is simple there and takes space for an category relevant for lvl3. This is UX for me.

An individual user could mute the category to hide it if it’s something they don’t want to see.

Outside of that, there’s currently no way to exclude a higher Trust Level group from seeing a category that’s visible to lower Trust Levels (it isn’t something that has been requested frequently, so we don’t have any immediate plans to add such a feature).

If this is something you absolutely need you’ll either have to figure out another way of accomplishing what you’re looking for, or develop a custom plugin.


Could you target the trust level with CSS?
While trust levels aren’t groups, they do show up in the groups page, and therefore could maybe hide the elements from that group?

Hide for all, then show for TL 0, 1, 2, and 3?

Much like I have content hidden from all users (specifically to hide category contents from admins) then restored to members of primary group regardless of trust level or staff status.

You can’t set an automatically generated group as the primary group for a user, so a class wouldn’t show up.


Isn’t that something that was on roadmap, or possible development to add ability to set auto groups as primary? Am I losing my mind thinking I read this somewhere recently?

I think there are some things that can be added to a software without to have a massive request for it, if its good idea it is good.

Good point! Go ahead and (pay to) develop the plugin so that others like you can have this feature.